28.02.2020  BFASA Radical Transformation Congress 

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03.2020  Notice of New Partnership between BFASA and LFP Group

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BFASA Luthuli House Meeting with ANC 11th December 2020 


10.01.2019 @ Stutterheim ( BFASA Members and other Stakeholders attending Goat workshop )

01.02.2019 @ This was a meeting held between the Black Farmers Association of South Africa and the Xhosa King, the Hlubi King , the Queen Mzilikazi and Mr & Mrs Shembe and the Chiefs of the amaXhosa tribe which was hosted in Willowvale, Nqadu Great Place, Eastern Cape. This was for the purpose of Agricultural Development in South Africa.

02.02.2019 @ Willowvale E.C ( BFASA National Executive members with Farmers)

03.02.2019 @ Willowvale ( BFASA National Executive with Chiefs and famers)

24.02.2019 @ Nqadu Great Place E.C ( BFASA National Executive addressing the Kings, Queens, Chiefs and Farmers from all over South Africa )

04.04.2019 @ Meeting at Sernick with Patrick Sekwatlakwatla. Agricultural Development programme with BFASA leaders and members of the Association.

05.04.2019 @ Kroonstad ( Veld Management Training to BFASA National members offered by Afgri our private partner)

09.04.2019 @ Beyerskloof Stellenbosch ( BFASA National Chairlady meeting with the President of the Republic of South Africa)

30.04.2019 @ Look Out Hill at Samuel and Vinah Co-op (Khayelitsha W.C) King Mthimkhulu the III of the Royal Amahlubi Kingdom addressing the BFASA Youth

30.04.2019 @ Bfasa meeting in Cape Town, with the President of Delft Chamber of Business, Muslim Judiciary, PopCru and SANCO for a working relationship between the Associations


30.04.2019 BFASA with King Mthimkhulu the III of the Royal Amahlubi Kingdom and SG Bob Jansen

18.06.2019 @ This meeting was held between the BFASA and Dr Enayet Karim, President of the Global Economist Forum at Johannesburg International Airport during his recent visit to South Africa. Board member of GEF Nancy de Sousa was also present in the meeting. Matter of meeting was Bfasa sought cooperation of GEF for development of agriculture for their 750,000 members throught the country.

09.11.2019 BFASA with King Mthimkhulu the III of the Royal Amahlubi Kingdom

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19.05.2018 @ Parliament ( BFASA National Chairlady at Budget vote of Dpt of Agriculture)

23.06.2018 @ Wolseley Farm ( BFASA Executive with AFASA Executive members )

19.10.2018@ Franschhoek ( BFASA Land Summit)

30.11.2018 @ Somerset West ( BFASA with Bankie Malan Afgri Operations Manager )